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Amir Fischer, CEO of Revolver3D
May 2008


"Now, creative teams at advertising firms or casual game developers have a new creative stream, literally at the end of their finger tips ? no more ?cheat3D? or costly processes ? it?s 3D for the masses: designers and users alike."

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Q1Please give a brief presentation of Revolver3D.
A1Revolver is a technology company that focuses on the graphics, animation and game industries. We have developed One Layer 3D ? a core technology that enables commercial solutions for real-time rendering and development of 3D content on 2D environments such as web-browsers, mobile phones, PDA?s, and other resource limited devices. .
We founded the company in 2005, and are a team of experienced software developers and fulltime academics in the field of computer graphics. Among our investors are Maayan Ventures, The Technion Institute of Technology and Arie Scope, founder and former CEO and Chairman of Microsoft Israel.
The first environment where we have implemented our One Layer 3D core technology is in Adobe Flash. Tagged as FreeSpin3D (beta release), it is the first commercial polygon graphic solution for real-time rendering of 3D models in Flash.
Q2What are the key benefits of using FreeSpin3D compares to other Flash 3D engines such as Papervision or Away3D?
A2First of all, we think that PPV and A3D have done a cool job. With FreeSpin3D we have taken a totally different approach and path from them, and other current available solutions for that matter. Our algorithms are proprietary and developed in-house. and not based on the available solutions out there such as Sandy. Second and foremost, we had two things in mind when we set out: 
- Commercial needs of content developers 
- The mass market of Flash designers.
Our approach is through the eyes of content development companies. We are familiar with the aches, pains and gains of working with clients. These clients have a legitimate, set of criteria, which at the end of the day is, the need for a good stable commercial solution ? the assurance that they know that if something goes wrong (or right) they have a specific name and address to turn to and not open source/code that might or might not have the appropriate support.
Additionally, they cannot take chances with disappearing polygons at random, sorting issues and unacceptable CPU usage. They require a solution that will enable them to create better game plays in less time optimized for the web and has an address for support.
Furthermore and highly important, Whereas PPV and A3D are suitable for the advanced actionscript programmers; FreeSpin3D caters to the mass users of Flash ? the designers. Through the FreeSpin3d Control panel, designers can develop 3D content without the need for code at all ? just the Flash IDE & FreeSpin3D. 
Having said that, we have targeted the savvy programmers as well ? FreeSpin3D offers a Dynamic 3D API that they can tap into and develop as they do today, add their own new functions into the API, use new physics to generate their own unique creative creations.
Additionally, of course there are the technical differences between us, such as our propriety algorithms, much better sorting, CPU friendly, in other words it is tailored to perform within Flash.
Q3Flash 3D engine are limited in terms of 3D raw performances. Can FreeSpin3D display more than 10 000 triangles smoothly?
A3Yes, The FreeSpin3D architecture allows that. With an optimized design, FreeSpin3D can enable our users to reach beyond 10,000 polygons. (See the above example)
Q4What are the key features of FreeSpin3D in the field of graphism : does it support spherical reflection, bump mapping ?
A4In the current version we support wireframe, smooth shading, flat shading, and texture mapping. We are constantly upgrading FreeSpin3D, so adding new features are on our list.
Q5Is it easy to integrate 3D in a flash using freespin3d? Are developer skills required?
A5Like I said earlier, this is a main quality of FreeSpin3D ? it was planned not only for savvy programmers but also, or should I say especially for, designers and people who do not have any knowhow of physics, complex codes, and all that is needed for the current and available 3D solutions ? online and offline. 
So for example, now, creative teams at advertising firms or casual game developers have a new creative stream, literally at the end of their finger tips ? no more ?cheat3D? or costly processes ? it?s 3D for the masses: designers and users alike.
Q6 Adobe Flash 10 introduces 3D capabilities, does it means that FreeSpin3D performances will be accelerated with this new player?
A6Definitely yes, additionally, there are further features in the Flash 10 player that will improve other aspects that we intend to introduce in the future.
Q7Actually, only .3ds files are supported by FreeSpin3D, do you plan to add more formats?
A7Yes, the first format we chose was the most popular commercial 3D file format - .3ds. we have other 3D file formats in the pipeline as well ? currently we are working on obj. which will be released as soon as it comes out of our lab ovens.
Q8Are 3D content created with FreeSpin3D compressed in order to reduce download times?
A8Yes ? optimization is a key feature with FreeSpin3D enabled by our algorithms. There is a lot of room and parameters to play with in order to achieve the best results. File sizes can drop dramatically when you use FreeSpin3D efficiently.
Q9FreeSpin is currently in beta, what are your plans for the future and what is the One Layer 3D concept?
A9We are set to release the full blown version of FreeSpin3D towards the end of 2008. The commercial will offer a much wider array of solutions for the 3D development workshop ? its all under covers right now, and we will unveil it in the next coming months ? watch this space ?
OneLayer3D is a core technology, as such it can be implemented in a wide array of environments and systems. Currently we have implemented it in Adobe Flash and two other different environments which are currently under NDA, and in due time will be revealed.
We have further plans to implement OneLayer3D in other spaces as well ? we are exploring these opportunities with other potential partners and are open to ideas to new options as well.
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