Interview : Flare3D 2.0
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Q&A  Interview at 3D-test: Flare3D CEO, Adrian Simonovich.

Flare3D 2.0 | Flash 3D future


?With Flare3D 2.0 you can drag & drop 3D assets on the IDE, change and create materials on real time, assign physics, program on AS3 and see the effects on real time and publish to Desktop, Web , android or iOS with a single?

Q1. There are many Flash 3D engines (Alternativa, Away3D, Minko, Sophie 3D, Yogurt3D...). So, what are the key benefits of Flare3D?
We are focused in developing professional tools for creating games and 3D content for Flash 11. It is much more than a 3D engine , it is a complete Drag&Drop workflow optimized for maximum performance. Flare3D was designed from the ground to be friendly for developers and artists. Q2. Adobe has released a public beta version of Flash Player ("Molehill"). What about the 3D performances of "Molehill" compared to plugin based solution such as Unity or 3DVia? 3DVIA and Unity are great technologies. Probably their plugins performs better in traditional terms of quantity of polygons and objects on a scene. They can use the full potential of C++ and multicore processors. On the other hand we will perform better in terms of accessibility of content , workflow and integration with Flash. We focus to perform great on Flash/ AIR we optimize our engine to the limits . We love working with Adobe community. For others Flash is just another platformÂ…. Q3. When it comes to 3D the worflow is very important. Could you please describe a typical Flare3D workflow from 3D creation to game deployment ? Flare 2.0 workflow is just great !! We made Flare3D asking the biggest studios and indie developers which one were their needs. We also asked Adobe what we needed to have a successful product and everyone agreed : - a great workflow usable for designers and developers With Flare3D 2.0 you can drag & drop 3D assets on the IDE, change and create materials on real time, assign physics, program on AS3 and see the effects on real time and publish to Desktop, Web , android or iOS with a single click. Interface is very familiar to Flash Dev and includes a timeline. In our internal tests developers and artists start producing content in just a few hours! Q4. Flare3D has a deep integration with 3ds max. What about the other DCC softwares such as Cinema4D, Maya, Lightwave or Softimage? We are adding a Collada and a OBJ importer. Q5. Actually web games are very limited : few triangles, few detailed texture, no collision... Do you think that 3D games made with Flash will become more powerful with Flash Player 11 and Flare3D 2.0? Flare3D and Molehill has the power to render millions of polygons and supports physics. There are several demos at our showcase thar runs smoothly on low end computers. The biggest value of Molehill and Flash 11 is that it solves the 3 historical problems of 3D on the Web: Accessibility : People just doesn't want to install a plugin. Bounces ratios are very high and it means content is not used. Standards: 3D market is very fragmented, Flash 11 will be the facto standard for Web 3D with the added value of being cross platform. Integration: 3D experiences needs a seamless integration with the Web ecosystem were Flash is a key player. Q6. Limitations such as bandwidth, low computers is still a problem? In many cases 3D reduces the bandwidth, for example using 3D to rotate and see a product from different angles will use less bandwidth than sending multiple high-res images and provides a better user experience. Molehill performs great even on mobile platforms. You can expect a decent performance on Atom netbooks. Q7. Do you think that Flare3D users would mainly produce games, or do they also use it for "serious content"? Flash supports images, videos and sound. With Molehill / Stage3D it will add support for a new kind of media : 3D. For first time 3D will reach massive audiences and will be used for gaming but also for visualization, e-commerce, training. We believe 3D will be mainstream and used on any possible way. Flare3D will let artists and developers focus on creativity! Q8. What are the plans/schedule for Flare3D? We will launch Flare3D 2.0 at Adobe Max 2011. We are having a terrific feedback from the market. Some of the biggest game studios have already adopted Flare3D but adoption on web design or product visualization is also amazing. We plan to reinvest on development, we made a great product but we look to the future. Molehill will evolve and Flare3D has also a great roadmap. Q9. Would it be possible to use Flare3D to produce mobiles games? What would be the performances of such 3D contents? Flare3D is multiplatform. You can export to Web, Desktop, Android and iOS. Like in any multiplatform technology , when you target mobile platforms special care should be taken on optimization. Q10. Since Flash is a plugin, WebGL seems to be also a better choice for web3D. Do you think that people would prefer this technology? We dont discard to support WebGL on the future. We designed Flare3D for Flash professionals, Adobe community is amazing !!!! We cant wait to see what they do with Flare 2.0 !!

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